ITTICOOP business network

The project for the establishment of the ITTICOOP Network was carried out thanks to the contribution of the Liguria regional law of 7 December 2010 n. 19 “Interventions for the promotion and development of Cooperation - project proposals for the year 2023”


The project

The ITTICOOP Network brings together Ligurian fishing and aquaculture cooperatives, but not only, with the aim of promoting and enhancing fishing tourism activities, creating a system of transversal synergies in different fields (hospitality, recreational, educational, cultural) and through services that can be offered both at sea and on land. The aim is to promote “experiential” tourism that allows the public to learn more about the environment of those who practice the sea as a profession.
Specific marketing, promotion, training and integration of skills activities (with the creation of specialized working groups) are envisaged for network operators (operators in the sector), in order to increase the quality of the activities carried out and to increase the competitive capacity on the market. market, expanding the offering to its customers and acquiring new ones.
We also intend to work on the pursuit, conclusion and development of new agreements and contracts with the aim of expanding the reference market individually and collectively, identifying common strategies and actions for the marketing of products/services and purchasing groups.

The tourist offer

The ITTICOOP network promotes innovative and “immersive” experiences (holidays) in the world of fishing and aquaculture, but not only, strengthening the accommodation offer. It offers the possibility of hosting tourists in the structures of the participating cooperatives where they can propose “taste trips” in the name of the quality of local products and the cuisine of the fisherman and/or aquaculturists. They themselves will illustrate recipes, nutritional properties, curiosities about the local catch, combining the fish product with foods and drinks from the short supply chain (such as oil, vegetables, bread, wine and other seasonal products).

The brand

Rooted in the rich marine tradition of Liguria, ITTICOOP celebrates local culture through its activities: every fish caught and dish prepared tells a story of ancient culinary traditions and a deep connection with the territory.
The ITTICOOP brand represents its identity and reflects the values ​​and objectives of the network, aimed at creating a connection between fish tourism and Ligurian aquaculture farmers and at systemising cooperation also from an intersectoral point of view, underlining the collaborative and organizational aspects together to the connection between the sea and the table.
The logo suggests a message of sustainability, quality and community; the colors recall the sea and fish products, such as blue and white, to evoke the connection with the marine environment, allowing you to follow the journey of the food from fishing to tasting. This direct connection emphasizes the freshness of the products and strengthens the bond between consumers and local producers, opening up to new social contexts.

The business network

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